Google App Maker Custom Apps For Your Business

If you’re a student, an entrepreneur, or even the software engineer at a big company, you’ll realize the hard work it takes to build a new app. Every new app needs time and attention from the ground-up, not only in terms of coding but also in terms of determining the app’s workflow and its product-market fit.


Google has opened an app called “App Maker” to help global app developers. That means, the app is now available for anyone to access the business app. The original app was unveiled one and a half years after the beta version was unveiled. Beta version has got access to a fixed number of subscribers. News Indo-Asian News Service.Product Manager of Google’s App Maker category, JAVA Rechab, said in a blog post, “We’ve brought App Maker for everyone, that will help you to think about how your team works.

He said the App Maker App is a low-level version of Gusset and easy to create application platforms, which will make it easier to create specialized apps to speed up tasks and improve the process.Google unveiled the first app maker in November 2016. Among the new features in the latest version of the App Maker, built-in support for Cloud Structured Query Language (SQL), Responsive template, drag-and-drop user interface design and data modeling has been brought. As well as app development tools, Google’s tool developers will be able to access 40 Google services, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Sheets.

Moreover, as per Google, App Maker can also be used by teachers and professors to make their students feel more comfortable with coding. At the same time, the platform can also help comparatively more learned students to grasp coding and the logic governing it in a better way.

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